Malama Pono

”You little girl are in denial! Living life on the sidelines.” was Mr Berry’s curt reply to a question I can no longer recall. In his booming voice, he turned around and addressed me and the two hundred others in the room ”Get in the game! Stop sitting on the sidelines.” It was December 2016, the last day of a gruelling 3-week life coaching course that frankly left me more bewildered than ever.

Fast forward, countless G&Ts and late night dances with the white boys - I finally had my AHA moment! Finally understood what Berry meant, that Sunday evening. That this is your life. You live it with purpose and not just go through the motions. You find your passion, perhaps something that makes you lose sight of time or forget you need to pee. Designing is that for me it is time I got back to practising and doing up a million drafts for that perfect piece. Through my designs may I serve and translate what you have envisioned into my designs.

My name is Jacqueline, and I am a designer, awake & present.