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The love I found in grief

On the 18th of May, 2019 - We met a hot new friend, my girlfriend and I. Everything was peachy and perfect and we were having a ball! Just peek at the drunk videos in my phone. Then at 4am, we threaded across the road and to a park to chat and sort out our logistics.

Sat a distance away, in a swing, still laughing and taking pictures but all of a sudden, I became overcome with grief. I started bawling, so I bailed. And I sobbed, sobbed hard and long. I just felt uncontrollably sad. It was like a bad trip, sans drugs. At the point of time, I also felt so alone.

Of course I'm not alone, I'm surrounded, loved and cared by the best. And it was through this moment, that I realised that all these while, when grief comes to visit, I've been embraced and comforted by Ash & Jorn. All this while, I’ve sobbed into their arms. All this while, they have served as my pillar of strength. All this while, they have accompanied me through the dark.

& my heart is full thinking about it. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 🙏 :,)

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