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The long overdue eulogy

"Funerals and eulogies are for the living!" A false fallacy that I've clung on to for the longest time. This stubborn thought of mine allowed a stranger to recite one, that sounded foreign to everyone that knew and loved him. 

The endless terms of endearments for a man so dear: Mingkit, Dekia, Didi, Korkor, Justinian Korkor, Xiaojiu, Bestfriend, Valentine, Bro, BFL, Bread, Sergeant -

Named after an Emperor; a saint, Justinian, always and will forever remain dear and bold in our hearts. Forever gracious, modelled after Papa, rushing for bills, offer lifts or generously share things, no matter how little. “Mei Mei, it’s people before things.” You would always preach to your rebellious little sister.

My incessant tantrums stopped with a groan of a few words. My complaints listened to with advice that made me the bigger person. Under your wings, moulded to become a better person. Always the mediator, the glue that binds our family together - the person who could see the bigger picture and made things right. You calmed the storm and strengthened the bond even when you left us or more so when you left us.

Safe in your light, St. Justinian.

Till I see you again.


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