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Look, Kor, I'm Helping Dogs!

If anybody, I know Justinian will be all hands on deck on helping out at the shelter with me. But it is me who's helping them or them who's helping fuel, my lacklustre soul?

Somehow we have never bought dogs or perhaps 3 decades ago just that particular pug dad bought for mom. Our only Jack Russel puppy order was hijacked by the arrival of Kiko and later Kalito.

Somehow I have never realised the gravity of these words "Adopt not Shop" till yesterday while walking the shelter dogs and hearing these hundreds of high pitched barks. Barks of dogs kept in cages and never walked. Barks from buildings with signs of prominent pet shop names with designer breeds popping up on my Instagram feed. I unfollowed them. The adoration dashed and replaced with painful images.

Like what Lina would say, "Jac you wouldn't be able to stomach it if you saw what I saw at the dog farms."

Adopt not Shop.

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