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Picked up yet another bestseller off the racks of the airport bookstore.

It has become a habit to attempt to read on flights.

Finally unwrapped 'The Number One Sunday Times Bestseller' here, on a random Thursday as I attempt to 'Work From Home' drowsy with anti-histamines.

But it is funny, how I no longer resonate with these 'heartbreak' poems. How love left the protagonist with a shattered heart. Or how love took away the sun from the Protagonist. To me, love doesn't end. The moment ends and we thank them for loving us, for letting us love them. For coming into our lives & leaving behind such beautiful memories. The love, doesn't end. Love only destroys if we perceive it to.

I don't think you stop loving your loves. Family, Friends, A, J & K.

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Violet Ong
Violet Ong
Sep 19, 2019

I picked up a book too from Carousel few days before my long haul flight to Portugal. Fatal Seduction 3 by Douglas Lee, the Singaporean version of 50 shades of Grey. You make me feel so bimbotic.

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